Harvest & Delivery Same Day*

Serving the Monterey Peninsula -- Local and Organic.

*) I am delivering farm-fresh the same-day:
  • Carmel + Valley: 93921, 93923, 93924
  • Marina: 93933
  • Monterey: 93940
  • Pacific Grove: 93950
  • Pebble Beach: 93953
  • Seaside: 93955.

Why Organic . . .

Farming is a daily act of love.

Butterflies, bees, ladybugs, birds and other important life forms are drawn to the land tended organically.

Organic is more sustainable and a smart approach to our food system. The palpable feeling of health and vitality at an organic farm like Christina’s Organics is unmatched.

The science is clear that organic farms sequester carbon, protect pollinators, keep water sources clean and provide a multitude of other ecosystem services. Organic farmers nutritiously feed our community while keeping people safe from exposure to toxic pesticides.

Organic farms have a lower energy use and mitigate climate change. Organic methods protect soil quality by using soil building practices. This increases soil water holding capacity.

All in all organic farming provides better working conditions for farm workers and produces fruits and vegetables high in nutrients like antioxidants.

Organic compliance is certified by an accredited agent according to the federal organic standards.

The agent reviews the ‘Organic System Plan (OSP)’, conducts an on site inspection and may analyze crop samples to ensure you, the chef, are receiving certified organic food from me to you with love.


Christina Danley, Farmer/Grower